Sunday, 19 February 2012

Upgrading the Sukhoi into "Super Sukhoi"

Upgrading the Sukhoi into "Super Sukhoi"

 The Upgrade's meant for Sukhoi 30 in IAF , turning it into a Multirole Air Dominance Next generation Fighter

1.Sukhoi's will be Integrated with BrahMos Cruise Missile , Nirbhay Cruise Missile will be Integrated further as well - Only Limited Sukhoi's will be integrated with this Cruise Missile's.The Long range Cruise Missile is Planned as well.

2.Zhuk-AESA Radar - Radar planned for “Super Sukhoi 30 “will be Russian Phazotron Zhuk-AE Active Electronically Scanned Array AESA radars. The X-band radar can track 30 aerial targets in the track-while-scan mode and engage six targets simultaneously in attack mode. An alternative AESA is available for the Super 30 in the form of Tikhomirov’s NIIP. Which was an experimental AESA revealed at MAKS 2009.

3.A New Cockpit with Advanced Avionics

4.Integration of "Astra" BVRAAM

5.Brand New Multi-Function Displays AND head-up display to be provided by SAMTEL,India

6.Novator K-100 "The AWACS -Killer Missile" to be Armed on Sukhoi's

7.Electronic Warfare suit

8.To reduce Radar cross section[RCS] of the Sukhoi 30 , Airframe will get several structural changes to the airframe to reduce its radar signature , airframe will also get special radar absorbing paint coat to further reduce its RCS.


  1. Sukhoi's MKI>>
    Integrated with BrahMos Cruise Missile,Nirbhay Cruise Missile,Novator K-100, Astra" BVRAAM,will be real challenge for china or pakistan to counter the indian airforce.

  2. India Make a Non Beatable Aircraft well done India & DRDO. It's present real challenge against raptor and typhoon.