Sunday, 19 February 2012

Some of the Requirement's that may fit in Indian Army "Future Main Battle tank"
1.Explosive Reactive Armour which can Provide effective Protection from Various Projectiles and Missile Warheads
2.1800 Horse Power Indigenous engine.
3.Further They are Looking for a Hybrid Engine Technology where Tank will have 2 Engine - one for Low Power Need and One for High Power which can Lead to efficient Utilization of fuel.
4.Some stealth Characteristics should be Integrated - Paint or Material which can Limit the detection of Tank by Visibility or Infrared sensors.
5.Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system
6.A secure Data Transmission and Audio/video Communication System
7.Infrared detectors, laser warning, radar warning Systems
8.Signature Management Measures should be carried out During Designing the tank,Which can Add to Stealth features along Camo.
9.The IR,Laser Warning and Radar Warning Systems should Discriminate Between Friend and foe and Whether the Weapon Threatening the tank is Missile,Rocket or Other projectiles.
10.The High/Medium Level Laser Kill System
11.120 mm Smoothbore Gun
12.A 50 Tonne Tank
13.R&D for active suspension to replace hydro-pneumatic suspensions

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