Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rafale Wins MMRCA

RAFALE Win's Indian MMRCA Tender

Indian defence Ministry has Announced French Dassault Rafale as Lowest Bidder in Indian MMRCA Tender to supply 126 Aircrafts.Final contract to be signed following negotiations in March this year.The winner of MMRCA are meant to Replace aging Mig's in IAF.India will get 18 aircrafts in flyaway condition while 108 aircrafts will be manufactured in India under Transfer of technology.

Does this open the door for Navy to choose Rafale for their follow on Aircraft carriers ?

Indian navy Issued RFI in 2009 for new Generation Carrier based Fighters.It was said that it had gained the clearance for purchase of this Aircrafts already.The RFI however didn't mentioned number of Aircrafts.

Also to mention in Sept 2010 , Press Trust of India revealed that Indian the Strategic Forces Command are looking to Acquire 40 Fighter having capabilities to deliver nuclear-tipped missiles and Bombs.

Co-Incidentally in 2010 Dassault officials Pitched to supply India 40 Rafale's on fast track Basis.

Interesting  developments ahead !!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

IIT Tech Fest 2012 Mumbai

IIT Tech Fest Powai - Mumbai

The K-15 Sagarika SLBM with a Range of 600-700 Km Can carry Payload of 1 tonne Nuclear Warhead.Missile Tested Successfully and Ready for Induction.

 Indian Strategic Ballistic Missiles - Agni Series Missiles - the Recently Tested Agni IV is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, that includes indigenously developed ring laser gyro and composite rocket motor.
Prithvi Tactical Battlefield Support Missiles
Army Version can Carry Payload of 1000 kg over 150 km
Air force version can carry payload of 500 kg over 250 km
Navy Version 'Dhanush'  can carry 500 kg warhead over 250 km

Some Information About Phase II of Ballistic Missile Defense which include Development of 2 high speed intercepting missiles namely AD-1 and AD-2.The AD-1 Missile being developed have Completed its Ground Testing and can be Tested in Second Half of 2012.A Two Solid stage missile Namely PDV , meant to Replace PAD-1 is under development.